Sunday, March 07, 2010

Superific Sneak Peek Sunday!!!

Hello, hello, hello!!  Candi here today...and let me tell ya, I am soooo excited to be here!  Why?  Welp, partly because I have been sick all week with this terrible FLU!  Stuck at home, in bed and and I am craving some serious company.  But more importantly...I am truly in LOVE with what I have to "peek" to you today!  Omigosh!!!  Yes, yes, I know...I am ALWAYS excited about everything that Lena and Tab create; however, this week let's just say the items they've created would be something I would create for myself, that is...If I could design! 

These girls rock my world!

First up is a fun little girly number that had me dancing around!  Yep, I was doing the Running Man and all sorts of other embarrassing dance moves! Fun times!

Next up is what I call the ultimate "geek peek!!"  There isn't a digi-scrapper in all of scrapland who shouldn't have this kit in their stash!!! Check out this baby! 

I can't wait for you to see both of these awesome goodies in their entirety!!  Come back to the blog tomorrow!

Until next time...

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